Globe Cargo Logistics (China) Ltd.
Cotton and Cotton Yarn


【1】Competitive price. We organize a better process to optimize cotton biz operation, including the scheduling of fleet, the location of               warehouse…which can save lots of cost. 
【2】High efficiency. We are full of experiences in customs clearance, declaration and the qualification requirements for customs                         inspection, and very close relationship with these people.
【3】Security. We have professional training for fire protection and accident prevention. Our warehouse is equipped with HD video                     surveillance which even enable remote viewing. it's trackable if imported goods damaged or lost.
【4】Operation capacity. we are efficient in containers’ pick up with professional workers, all of these make us can handle successfully               even in peak season. Our warehouse can operate 24 hours, and will not charge any overtime pay from customers.
【5】Problem solving. We have plenty experience in solving various of problems, such as detention, demurrage, carton damage, pest and           disease damage and so on….furthermore, we also experience in fast delivery with high demand, we always have a good                                 performance in a critical moment.